French Macarons…en Rose!

La Vie en Rose…. Lovely French Macarons from my collection “Jules” Yields 36 macarons (1.5″) Ingredients: 7 ounces powdered sugar 4 ounces powdered almonds 4 ounces egg whites* pinch of cream of tartar** 3 1/2 ounces granulated, or castor sugar … Continue reading

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G. DETOU…..J’ai de tout!

A quick trip to Dehillerin, Simon et G. Detou...j’ai de tout! I have everything!  Now to try to pack it all up and hope the suitcases won’t be overweight! I’m so excited about all the ingredients I’m bringing back to elaborate my French macaron recipes! Look for my French Lavender Macaron recipe to be posted soon, using lavender and lavender syrup from Provence. Working on a new recipe “Lilac Rose Macaron”. If you are not yet following me……suivez-moi !

E. Dehillerin, a must for all gourmets and gourmands!

Specialty culinary and pastry ingredients difficult to find in the US

A Secret Garden…Hotel Raphael in Paris

Consider a cocktail in a secret garden, overlooking the rooftops of Paris, the Eiffel Tower and l’Arc de Triumph! Sublime, Magic…La Terrasse, perched on the rooftop of the Hotel Raphael, avenue Kleber, is a marvelous piece of paradise. Un coin … Continue reading

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La Cabro d’Or…..temple to tranquility

Discover the Cabro d’Or, a luxury hotel in Provence, featuring a lovely gourmet restaurant, beautiful landscape, 1st-class amenities, and spa in Les Baux de Provence!

“Heaven…..I’m in Heaven!”

The deep blue Provence sky casts a fond eye on this beauty created by Jean-André and Geneviève Charial, a more pastoral but equally exceptional version of the Oustau de Baumanière. La Cabro d’Or is a temple to tranquillity with its clear, spacious interiors and windows opening onto intimate, quiet gardens or terraces.

Junior suite #19 with private terrace

In the heart of the Alpilles, in a magnificent garden at the foot of the village of Les Baux de Provence, this 4-star hotel is a Provençal mas and is a preserved and harmonious spot where you enjoy true rustic bliss. Enjoy lunch or dinner on the terrace, serenaded by the cicades et profitez de la tranquilité!

Terrace dining!

Dinner with my longtime girlfriend, Anna.

I recommend the menu “Esprit du Jour” for 76€, it is worth it! For a lovely lunch, there is a formule déjeuner for 56€. We ordered local wines, my favorite was the white from Mas de la Dame, “coin caché”. More later on Mas de la Dame!

The organic kitchen garden is complete with ducks, donkeys and goats!

Two hectares to stroll in, a big swimming pool at which you can order lunch in summer, two tennis courts and now a Spa … La Cabro d’Or was born for pleasure.

And for a real luxurious treat, have breakfast served on you terrace. It will be set up and waiting for you when you arise!

Breakfast on the terrace waiting!

Member of Relais & Chateau

La Cabro d’Or

13520 Les Baux de Provence

 +33(0)4 90 54 33 21

Olive Oils…..fruité noir or fruité vert

When it comes to Olive Oils, we generally just look for “EVOO” and “first cold pressing”. But wait….there’s more! Probably the best known of AOC and AOP olive oils is made in the valley of Les Baux-de-Provence, where I spent … Continue reading

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ANGELINA…….un Salon de Thé à Paris

The Austrian confectioner, Antoine Rumpelmayer, established Angelina, named after his daughter-in-law, in 1903. For over a century, the Angelina tearoom has established itself as a high point of Parisian gourmet pleasures. Born in 1978 in Alsace, Chef Sébastien Bauer joined … Continue reading

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Pousse Pieds……Gooseneck Barnacles

Pousse Pieds, called gooseneck barnacles or stalked barnacles in English, are filter-feeding crustaceans that live attached to hard surfaces of rocks and flotsam in the ocean intertidal zone. While they look like an ugly claw and feel like a rubber hose they are actually  sweeter and more tender than spiny lobster.  These tasty crustaceans, which in medieval times were named goose barnacles by naturalists who believed geese hatched from them, are considered a gourmet delicacy and if you happen to find them on the menu I urge you to try them!

Pousse Pieds presented at our table at SPRING restaurant in Paris

My first experience à déguster pousse pieds was at the American-owned restaurant SPRING in Paris and what a treat! They were presented to us along with a detailed explication on how they are prepared and how to eat them. I must say that my girlfriend, Anna, was not nearly as eager to experiment. However, once they were served and as I oohed and aahed over the first two she couldn’t resist. Indeed, they are a delicacy and a delight!

How To Eat Barnacles

The key for me was to think of them as “little crab legs”. They are crustaceans, after all.

  1. Grab them by the white “claw” end
  2. Stick the whole “arm” into your mouth
  3. With your incisors (front teeth), bite as close to the claw as possible
  4. Eat and enjoy the meaty arm

Bon appétit!  Stay tuned for a more complete review on the restaurant SPRING in Paris!

Un bistro à Paris……Le Bélisaire

This gallery contains 12 photos.

I first discovered this charming, typical, Parisian Bistro while I was working as a translator at Le Cordon Bleu Paris, just around the corner. I always seemed to find a place to park my little Mini Cooper just outside Le … Continue reading

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A Parisian Market……

Today was market day! Youppie! I grabbed my chocolate brown-colored market caddie and camera and headed out. A mere 50 paces from the apartment on rue Longchamp and I was at one of my absolute favorite open markets in Paris!

It takes place every Wednesday and Saturday morning, from about 7am to 1:30 pm. The selection ranges from produce to meats, fish, flowers, pasta, breads, sweets and even housewares. Customers have been coming here for years and frequent their favorite vendors. One of my favorites sells delicious country breads and claims that it is the biggest open market in Paris. The other is the flower merchant at the top near Place d’Iéna. I always buy a bunch of roses for the coffee table and an elegant orchid for the telephone table. The selection of food is tremendous and I never seem to get to the end of the market near Pont d’Alma.  I noticed more foreigners than usual today; after all it is tourist season! The merchants are lively and lovely; they never mind all the photos I take and respond well to smiles.

Today’s purchases were a selection of goat cheeses……my daughter and I LOVE goat cheese and something I miss in Atlanta. Perfect for breakfast or late night snack on toasted pain, over 100 different varieties, one must try so many!

Seasonal fruits are exceptional right now, fraises des bois and cerises, so they delicately entered my caddie. Green almonds are only available for a brief period from late May to June, depending on weather, which is one of the reasons they have always been considered such a delicacy. Another reason, and perhaps the most important, is their distinct taste. Inside the peach-like fuzzy hull lies a skinless, white almond with a gelatinous texture, similar to a firm grape. These luscious pleasures encompass a subtle flavor that has been described as grassy, fruity, and even simply as “green.”

Haricots verts…..French green beans! Perfectly arranged in crates, how can one resist! When preparing  be sure to blanch them in boiling water and shock them right away in an ice water bath to preserve the chlorophyll and beautiful green color. No one likes army green beans!

Flowers are always a must and the choice is extrodinaire! Roses, peonies, Freesia, hydrangeas, lilies….select the bunches of flowers that romance you and the merchant will arrange them in a neat bouquet, à la française, so all you have to do is bring them home and set them in a vase! Voila!

How to Get There:

If you are coming from the left bank, walk across the Alma bridge and turn slightly left up Ave. du President Wilson – you can’t miss the white trucks which have brought wines, cheeses, oils, spices, breads, meats and flowers from the country. Remember that, as with most open markets, plastic sheets are pulled across the stands to protect you in case it rains. The market slowly climbs this beautiful avenue, to end behind the Trocadéro, where you can sit and enjoy the view back towards the Eiffel Tower. Or arrive via metro, the closest one is M°9 Iéna.

I’m already looking forward to Saturday when I once again reach for the market caddie and stroll down to the Marché !